Thursday, 11 August 2011

Cybermummy 2011 The aftermath...

I wanted to write about this subject so long after the event for two main reasons:

1.To thank Maclaren properly for my sponsorship to attend the event. I would never have been able to attend otherwise and it was a fantastic networking opportunity for Mumra. I was especially proud to be there representing a company whose products I actually use everyday, not just a random brand who were willing to pay for my ticket, a brand I use because it is the best product available and THAT is what sponsorship is all about.

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Cybermummy itself was a scary prospect, meeting all the thumbnail images from twitter full size and conversing face to face with women who frankly know far too much about me already! The day itself was not a scary as I thought some of the bloggers were actually normal people!

I will never forget the great memories of the Eden Fantasy Party organised by Jay. (never a doubt about it, of course I won the prize!)

I was in awe of meeting some very special ladies who inspired my blogging and who just generally crack me up. I was not let down little diamonds every one! H, Tara, Josie, Jay, Amy, Rachel, and so many more.

What I found very weird was people being excited to meet me. I never thought anyone would be heading there with the intention of seeking me out but it was lovely and I felt a bit emotional with comments like ' I feel like I'm meeting somebody famous! ' I should have worn shades!

What did crack me up was peoples assumptions about what I would be like, apparently I'm much nicer and less scary in real life. Does that mean I seem horrible and frightening online? I won't dwell on it.

Anyway this is reason 2.

With the organisers of Cybermummy going their separate ways next year I am wondering what is in store for 2012 on the event front? We have BritmumsLive and CybHer12 being lined up  so far and I'm excited to see what each have to offer. I felt that at Cybermummy there were a real mixture of attendees and I'm sure having two events probably varying in styles will reflect on the attendees at each. That said lets make this clear on my highlights from the last event being continued at event 2012:

I'm buying a ticket for the one with the most booze and a smoking area.

Image courtesy of Pelican Pear Cards.

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