Tuesday, 1 February 2011

The Gallery - Shapes.

The Gallery theme this week is Shapes.

I was probably not even three months pregnant and we were both just coming out the other side of the shock. We were not in one of those relationships where you have talked about baby names or even played with the scenario in our heads. This was total open mouthed, gob smacked shock.

I worried about how her Dad would cope as a father, how he would adjust his lifestyle to a baby coming along. 

I had tried really hard for three months to suppress too much 'baby' talk and not dared buy anything incase it had made him run for the hills. 

On this day we were in Oxford Circus shopping, as I needed some new work trousers for my expanding waist. At his suggestion we had ventured into John Lewis baby section while we were in the store.

We walked around the toy displays and I watched, as he became the man I love today. 

'I want all this type of stuff for the baby'

'The nursery needs to be classy'

'Wow this stuff is so cool'

'Check these out...'

'Can we buy this now?

I nodded and smiled. 


  1. How lovely. Babies change everything so much, I'm really glad they changed him for the better. And I LOVE Brio toys, they're so gorgeous and good quality.

  2. Awwwww . . . that made me smile :-) x

  3. Good idea. I wonder how many brick shots we'll get following your lead?

  4. 'Might' have been why i tried to be prompt getting this published on time.


  5. Can't beat wooden shapes we have lots! I liked your accompanying story, my OH was a bit like that back then too. Xx

  6. Brio- you can't beat it. Love the tale of becoming a father too ;-)

  7. What a great post.....really made me smile :)

  8. blocks rock..esp brio ones! sweet story..

  9. What a lovely picture to go with the theme anyway, but the background is fabulous.