Monday, 7 February 2011

The Dairylea Dayout.

Kraft Foods invited myself and some other mummy bloggers to London for the day to talk to them about how we mums feel about their products, hear about their new product launch and best of all attend a cooking class with James Tanner (TV Chef)

The big news of the day was a 25% lower salt version of Dairylea being launched onto the market. The company have been struggling with their image in recent years, the health conscious modern parent has not been their friend and they agreed improvements needed to be made.

We were shown how to make Dairylea from scratch, enabling us to see what goes into it. There really is no big surprises in there. Emulsifying salt (not to be confused with common salt) binds the cheese, milk and butter together, but it just wouldn't be Dairylea without it.

The company dietitian Azmina Govindji gave us a great talk about what we feed our children and what we can do to give them a good balance of healthy foods. I loved her three colours idea, asking our children to always have at least three colours on their plate to ensure a balanced diet.

Now that's enough of the boring stuff.....

The even bigger news of the day where most of us Mums were concerned was...James Tanner is rather lovely.

After the cooking class we were taken to the Rainforest Cafe for lunch where all us bloggers got a chance to chat and gossip. 

It was lovely to finally see some faces behind the blogs:

Next time lets leave the kids at home. ( But definitely invite James.)

Dairylea we love you, but then we always did.

*Our costs to attend this event were covered by the PR company, a lunch provided and goodie bags including vouchers received.


  1. Sounds lIke a fun day out with treats for mums and children lol.

  2. Oh Jenny you'd have loved him.... You would have totally let him feel your bump! x

  3. hahaha! Love that you did the scrummy, yummy chef angle ! I was tempted but thought NOOOOOO! Karen you are too old for that xxx Great post. Will fix that link on my blog .

  4. Sounds like a fab time was had by all and humna humna Mr .James Tanner ;D XXX

  5. He was also great with the kids, a complete package you could say!

  6. I like the three colour idea too. I think us adults should take that info on bored too.

  7. It was super to meet you and even more super to meet James!

    Mich x

  8. It was such a good day wasn't it? I loved the three colours thing too and James was lovely (We can call him James because we have been close enough for our kids to splash stuff on his whites ;D) Your little monkey is gorg hon, just like her Mummy. :D