Monday, 8 November 2010

Tantrum Trouble.

We all love our kids of course but they also drive us mad at times. I had thought it would be a few years before this kind of thing started but i now discover 11 months is not too soon for the first tantrum and don't i know it!

While having a nice cup of tea and chat with my mum Tabitha decided the attention on her was lacking and threw herself face down on the floor, her arms and legs pounding the floor and then the wailing began. We thought this was of course hilarious and both laughed, my mum told her she was hitting Miss Mouse, so promptly Tabitha flung the said toy across the room and booted a bus that was lying near by, the tantrum continued.

There has been a few repeat performances since and i have to say for now i do find them quite funny however i know i'm everyday edging closer to the one in the supermarket or middle of the street when you have to use your knee to get them into the buggy or carseat surrounded by gawping bystanders.

So heres the thing i thought while i am finding it *quite* funny lets make the most of it...

Make me feel better by posting your most dramatic tantrum/crying/screaming photos of your little angels, if you haven't got any keep your camera handy for a few days i'm sure one will pop up then come back and post your link.

I need to know i'm not alone!

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  1. oh I wish I could post a photo of little mans but OH does not approve as you know. I will say this though, you are most certainly not alone! Little man loves a good paddy normally shouting at the top of his lungs, throwing any thing close to him and hitting anyone at arms length. Bless got to love them. . . and yes at the moment I do laugh at him. P also throws good ones she will curl up in a ball, shout 'I want daddy' or storm into her room ( a true teenager at only 5).

  2. Praise be to God, WE ARE NOT ALONE!!

    We will look back laaaaaaaauuuuugh.

    Maybe. x