Friday, 5 November 2010

Stella McCartney Kids Range.

Stella McCartney launched her new childrens range in London on Wednesday and i would have happily gnawed someones hand off to get a ticket to go. The clothes range from baby newborn to 12 years and are all designed reflecting Stellas usual style, the items are not fussy, pretentious or prissy.

What i like the most is the simplicity of the outfits, i can actually see me letting Tabitha wear them and her enjoy wearing them. They lend themselves to being played in and look comfortable and designed for real life.

Superb little touches like the glow in the dark features on the pajamas are fun and really telling that Stella is a mother herself and knows what is needed to sometimes get children into their pajamas at the end of a long day.

When i look at clothes for Tabitha i always find myself wishing she was a little older and this range does it to me again. The yellow wellies make me think of superhero boots and the unisex double breasted pea coat is just calling out to be worn over the cutest of school uniforms.

Finally there is not much more i can say about my favourite piece from the collection except i need it, i want it, Tabitha has to have it.

A mini military jacket with red cuffs and gold trims. *sigh*

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