Friday, 19 November 2010

Never too late for learning...

This month i have learnt...

That Bonjela is rubbish, use Abesol Liquid on teething gums.

Controlled crying works, whatever my previous opinions on it, it works.

My child is irrationally terrified of the washing machine, the hoover and the ironing board. If this continues into adulthood she will make a crap wife.

If you dye your hair and want rid of it asap, wash with cheap shampoo, washing up liquid or dandruff shampoo it'll be gone pretty quick.

Oh and you can clean a kitchen with a winey child attached to your leg. Its slow going and challenging but it can be done.

1 comment:

  1. Controlled crying completely worked for us with both of our children, now we are struggling to get little man to sleep through the night because he is sharing a room with his sister and not us any more. . . we need a house with 3 bedrooms!
    I found with both of mine that with the hoover they both started off liking it and chasing it around the flat now Little man screams and runs in the opposite direction and P covers her ears, what went wrong?