Thursday, 7 October 2010

Buying or selling a pushchair?

 Time for a pushchair upgrade?
Clearing out the loft?

I have recently discovered an brilliant new site for buying and selling secondhand push chairs. is a site that covers all the aspects of selling your old push chairs and puts all the secondhand or new options in a easy to use format for you to find a replacement to suit your needs. You can search locally or nationally through the secondhand options and advertise your old one at the same time with ease.
The site has all the up to date information on new models available, reviews by real mums and specific details on each model to help you make sure your next purchase is the right one for you.
You know what its like you think, 'oh i'll sell that' then the details creep into your head...How do i package it? How much does it cost to advertise it? - six months later its still sat in the loft gathering dust and getting in the way. will take all those worries away with a simple hassle free packaging and delivery service for a flat fee of £14.99. There are no buyer or seller fees so straight away you know what your paying. 

Perfect, now where is that loft ladder ...?

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