Saturday, 9 February 2013

The iCrayon review.

Tabitha is obsessed with the iPad.

Sometimes I worry that it is not healthy entertainment for a three year old and other times I thank the lord for its presence in my life.

I was asked if I would like to review the iCrayon for the iPad (or any touch screen piece of technology) and figured it was always going to be a winner.

The crayon looks like the good old school crayons, styled to mimic Crayola it is a pretty bit of kit. It feels good in your hand and I had high hopes for it being a favourite for all of us when using the pad.

However I probably had over hyped it in my head. Essentially it is for children and there is no doubt Tabitha loves using it as she scribbles away on her colouring applications.

The iCrayon used as a standard stylus is not what I had hoped. You have to press quite hard to get the connection, the tip is squashy rubber and does not connect without pressure meaning any real length of use would see it being chucked for the use of a finger.

I do think its a nice idea though and brings me pleasure when I see Tabitha chose to use it rather than her finger. Its the same as when she tells me to turn to the next page when she wants me to fast forward the movie.

There is something lovely about your childs' childhood mirroring yours even when there is so much technology at their grasp.

Best thing is the crayon is not expensive so its an excellent gift for birthday party or special treat. You can get them at Prezzy Box.

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