Sunday, 19 September 2010

Sleep is massively overrated.

Just when you think you have a 'good' baby along comes a period of absolute hell on earth. I'm not even putting this down to teething the usual cause of sleepless nights, there is no dribbling, there is no red cheeks, there is a just a very angry baby.

Tabitha has always had night feeds i stopped stressing about going through the night a longtime ago. She wakes i feed and she lays back down its not a big drama and i've never felt sleep deprived getting up for ten minutes in the night. However of late her sleep habits have included waking 12-4 feeding refusing to even lay in the cot without red faced satan like screaming, which by the way can be kept up consistently for the whole four hour stint. She will then only sleep if rocked while screaming in her buggy which might give me another hours sleep before she is up at 5am as normal. 

Nights like this have left me feeling pretty crap, not only from lack of sleep but as a mother. Having no idea what is upsetting her has been hard. I have run through everything: too dark, too hot, too cold, too hungry, too windy, everything. She has pushed away my cuddles and only been happy playing on the floor, climbing randomly over her sobbing mothers body sprawled out on the nursery floor.

Finally a cold has come, trails of snot cover my black sofa and Calpol is to hand so now i can blame that i guess. 

However I'm not convinced this is the last we have seen of Satan.


  1. its horrible not nowing what is wrong with them. I have always found with Jack that if I got with up out of his cot one night this would repeat every night because he knew mummy would get him out again. So I went for the leave them to cry technique which worked for us and jack went back to sleeping through.
    Now jack is sharing a room with his sister as she was lonely on her own, and guess what a month after they started to share Jack has gone back to waking up! So now I have to give him milk so that Paige does not get woken up. Fingers crossed it working but I may need to think about buying a cow to save on money! lol

  2. What is sleep, both the boys were over 11 months before they even gabe me a full 8 hours sleep!