Thursday, 23 September 2010

Selsey Beach in September.

On Monday I took Tabitha to Selsey the seaside village I grew up in.

We were really lucky with the weather, the sun was shining so we went to the beach, played in the sand and dipped our feet in the sea.

After Tabitha decided that sand was not that tasty after all, we headed to a pub for scampi in a basket.

Even though I know London is calling us back I'm glad that Tabitha will always have Granny and Grandad by the sea. There really isn't anything else like it for a free day out. 


  1. Hmmmm. Scampi in a basket - absolutely yonks since I've had that!
    Sounds like a great day out, and the first of many I hope.

  2. Looks like she loved it. London?!nooooo why?

  3. London because Jay can't commute forever and i need to go back to work of some sort soon.

    Also its good for Tabitha to have all that London offers and down here is pretty dull socially for us.

    Ok i'll be honest i miss the cocktails.

  4. Aww, if you're lonely I'll come and meet you. Might have to be for a mocktail so I don't want to crash on the way home though :)

  5. Looks like she loved it. London?!nooooo why?