Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Love it, Hate it.

After I made comment on my facebook page about how scary i find ' The Numberjacks ' TV programme I discovered lots of other people find it pretty freaky too. I also have a huge problem with Disney Winnie the Pooh as all my friends know! I made it really clear when i was pregnant so that no-one would buy anything i would have to hide away for forever. Generally i hate all Disney i like the old style Winnie but that bright yellow freak is not coming in my house! If Tabitha ends up seeing him and liking him i don't know what i'll do!

I like Tabitha to watch Waybaloo or Timmy Time and shes a massive fan of Chuggington too. Toy wise i love classic wooden or weirdly modern stuff and so far shes too young to demand otherwise...i'm not holding my breath though!

So what TV programmes or Childrens characters do you hate/love and have you had to change your opinions when your child had other ideas?

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  1. Funny you should say that as I have a problem with Winne The Pooh Clothing and baby gear (car seats etc) and baby clothing in general with characters on I think are pretty naff.

    I always said my children would never wear trainers and outfits with their favourite characters on but once they got to the age when consumerism really kicked in its hard to say no ALL the time and I have to admit the boys have had the occasional top with Ben Ten or Spider man on.

    As far as childrens' programs go... Mr Tumble makes me want to scream! Where as I know other friends who think he's great...

    B x