Saturday, 1 May 2010

Swaddling Update...

It has not been going well. My daughter does not like her arms. First night i was in and out of the nursery every hour settling her back down. This basically involved holding her arms down by her side as if she was swaddled until she went back to sleep. By 2 am i broke and swaddled her in a cot sheet, in my head this wasn't 'real' swaddling and didn't count. Last night i put her down to sleep swaddled in the cot sheet still going with my 'not real' swaddling angle. She still woke at midnight sobbing and requiring a feed to go back to sleep and at 5am i was awoken by screaming...5am!

I have been listening to friends advice and of course Grannies and today have come to a decision, the swaddling is back! She likes it and it makes her feel safe, she'll grow used to her arms as she gains more control over them.

Or as her father put it...She has won me over.

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