Sunday, 25 March 2012

Is this the end?

I kind of made a pact with myself to never blog about blogging.

This feels right though and there is no better place to air my feeling than on here.

I am feeling really tempted to chuck it all in. In fact I am feeling almost as excited about the decision as I was when I first started this blog.

There are a few things that are keeping me hanging on. I do still really enjoy the engagement with companies that blogging has brought me. I enjoy reviewing items and love giving opinions and sometimes feeling they are listened to. Of course all the blogging perks are lovely too, and frankly I worked damn hard at the start to build this blog up and be in a position to be offered anything at all. However, my days have become culled into a few hours per evening that also require fitting in mothering, girlfriending and occasionally some breathing...

I have no time for the blog. I struggle to write reviews and sponsored posts and my networking and klout were given up on a long long time ago.

I used to love a link up, I ran a link up that I was really proud of. I never do them anymore even when I love the themes and know what photo or song I would use. I just don't have the time, or if I do it would mean giving up one of my other roles for half and hour and they are tightly stretched as it is.

The main thing that keeps me hanging onto this site by a thread is essentially this; I made it, I grew it from a bedtime conversation and it has at times gone beyond my highest expectations. I would feel a great loss to give up but part of me is sensing a huge amount of relief might be involved too.


  1. I know exactly how you feel. Since having bubs mine has sat ignored for weeks on end. I've kept it there because its still my space and will always be there when I want to write and will be there when I don't want to too. Why don't you just take a break and just think I'll post if I want to and not if I don't! Don't go completely! I'd miss you! 

  2. It's so hard finding the time to juggle life and writing/networking/plugging a blog so I completely understand where you're coming from. As above though, why don't you give it a break and see how you feel after a few weeks? Your blog is fantastic. A real credit to you.

  3. I echo what Hayley said. Why not take a break? Or if you want to keep blogging, determine that you'll only blog once a month. Then see how it feels and maybe you'll come back, maybe not. By making some sort of decision you'll take the pressure off yourself. 

  4. Just be kind to yourself love and do whatever you fancy.  Working full time and hvaing a child is a lot on your plate already.  Real life comes first.

    I have a few times recently wondered about ditching the blog but instead have just ditched my old attitude and am now saying no to most things and just doing as I fancy.

    Good luck with your decision.  Mich x

  5. Know exactly what you mean. Such mixed feelings, I can remember when I stopped Scribbling Mum that it felt like a bit of a waste after all that hard work I'd put into it but equally that was not enough reason to keep it up. When I stopped it was a mass relief.... But then I missed writing, capturing the moment if only for the kids when they were older, to remember things. So I started Letters from your Mum but it's different -  I've made a deliberate effort to not do certain things I used to, not get bugged by stats, comment for the sake of it, read stuff that doesn't float my boat etc etc. 

    ARGGHHH - 'tis a head fook that's for sure. I wish you luck with your decision, if I've learnt anything it's that you've got to do it for you. 

    That was a long comment wasn't it. Sorry about that ;)  

  6. You can't give up now, I've just discovered you!

  7. I've been contemplating shutting down my blog to focus on other writing ventures, but worry that I'll never put pen to paper ... or rather finger to keyboard ... again if I do.  Good luck in what you decide.

  8. Yes a blog break might be in order like the others say or maybe keep a pad by your bed and if you feel inspired jot down your posts then but don't put pressure on yourself. Maybe you need to get back to that initial excitement again. All writers (I write for a living) go through patches where they want to throw the towel in and often a short release and a new way of thinking about it is all you need. And like you said, you created it from nothing , are your own boss/editor so you make the rules!

  9. Don't feel pressured either way - if you take a break it will still be here when you are ready to return to it. I struggle to write my lists and reviews and I don't even work (well go out to work anyway) so you do well to even mange a post every now and then!
    Remember, you are the shit!!

    Ps. LOVE the photo of T-Lo in your header she is gorgeous x

  10. I've read so many posts like this and I totally agree, a break is needed.Think about why you started blogging and what you get out of it.