Sunday, 18 September 2011

Book Club: It's a girl thing...

I don't read very often these days. It is one of the things like listening to music and dancing until 3am that has become part of a previous me.

I used to be able to consume an entire book in a day, finding myself walking around the house cleaning and reading too transfixed to put it down.

At certain times in my life I have read books that have left a lasting impression on me, ones that I can always recall reading and the feeling it gave to me when I turned the last page, gutted it was over. I usually fall for a book because it gives me something I needed at the time, perhaps if read at another stage of my life the impression would have been less poignant.

Anyway enough of the ranting. I am writing this today as I am immersed in one right now, a great book that is, and it is giving me stuff I needed to hear.

Read it if your 35. #fact

If you are wondering about the other books that have touched my life, I have taken a few from my all time favourites and featured them below...

Read it if you need some girl power!

Read it if you need some faith and hope...

Read it is your 15 and a pain in the arse...

Anyone else got some life changing page turners they'd like to share?


  1. Hmm a friend at work is reading the Caitlan Moran book. She says as I have daughters I should give it a go. Either that or read my diaries from way back when ....

  2. The Time Traveler's Wife is my all time favourite. A book I will never forget is Lullabies for Little Criminals by Heather O'Neill.

  3. Couldn't get into time travellers wife, much to my friends disgust. Perhaps read at wrong time like you mention. Love Hens Dancing and Summertime, 2 chick lit books by Raffaella Barker. Must have re read at least ten times each when I need something familiar and comforting. Wanted to be the character Venetia before I became a mum, so funny. Alllll time fave book is The Lightening Tree by PJ Curtis, just beautiful.

  4. Yep it makes me remember exactly what I was thinking about during those years, all the stuff I'd cringingly forgotten!

  5. I'l check that out for a future read.

  6. I can not dare to watch the film as I loved it so much as a book I'm scared it'll be ruined.

    I'll check out the others you mentioned though. 

  7. Ooh I am reading Caitlin Moran at the moment. Love it. Also love The Outsiders. Since having children I have been less of an avid book reader, but recently I really enjoyed The Help. In Cold Blood and Breakfast at Tiffany's buy Truman Capote are also really brilliant. I will never forget as a teenager Flowers in the Attic..a dark tale about children locked in the attic and incest!

  8. I have read "Bitch" and also another one of hers, "Prozac nation" Thanks for reminding me about a wonderful and amazing writer! i shall be googling and amazoning for her details tonight!