Sunday, 3 July 2011

Things change...

Since having Tabitha-Lo I have changed my mind on so many topics I used to feel strongly about.

Here's a few of them...

1. I will use non disposable nappies and not add to landfill - This has been replaced with 'sod it I'll be dead by the time it's an issue'

2. I will not let my child be babysat by TV - This has been replaced with my Sky plus consisting of Show Me Show Me, Same Smile and Pepper Pig for emergencies eg: when CBeebies has finished!

3. I will never swear infront of my child - This is now replaced with phrases like 'oh no she said sit, she likes to say sit'

4. I will bake daily and I will be uber house wife - This has been replaced with 7:30 trains, Calpol in nursery bags and looking forward to the peace of my office for eight hours.

Life just isn't a text book example, either that or I'm just not THAT good. Either way I'm not bothered.

We bumble along and make stuff up on a daily basis.

Tonight Tabitha sleeps with a dummy, this week aged 18 months and never ever wanting one before, she has decided she does now.

Do I question my parenting, the changes I've inflicted on her of late? Should I?

Before you start clicking comment boxes to lecture/advise me, don't bother. I don't care, if the child wants it she can have it.

I didn't used to like tomatoes but at 15 I decided I did, I didn't blame my mum.


  1. It's always what works for you as a family. So long as you're not hurting anyone, no-one has the right to tell you you're right or wrong. And things do change. What is right now might not be right for you in 6 months time. 

  2. Not only have I changed my boundaries so much I have also changed who I think are brilliant parents since become a parent.  I thought certain people were great and to be looked up to, now I see things differently.  

  3. Ha ha!!! I'm still using cloth nappies (son is 2), and I do bake (not uber housewife though!) but the other two most definitely! TV is a god send the BBC spends loads getting educators etc. in, it must be ok!

  4. You sound like a dreadful mother. I like you immensely.

    We all start out parenting with good intentions but real life gets in the way, doesn't it? I'm quite sure my 11-month-old has only just cut her first teeth because all the pouches of Ella's Kitchen have given her so little to chew.

  5. What can I say. I am a realist I best myself up something silly when I mad Maxi, everything had to be just so, well life isn't just so, so in y own way I am preparing my children for the real world, not the perfect world

  6. I think this must be the definition of motherhood...we start with our ideal, we adapt it to fit around us and our children. And anyone who doesn't like it can f**k off :)

  7. We all start off with the best intentions, however life has a habit of getting in the way. Definitely it's what works for you. I applaud your laid back approach! :)

  8. Yep, the vast majority of my good intentions are out of the window. I'm not sure that it affects them so much really. It's just putting too much pressure (in an already highly pressurised situation) to follow all the ideas you have at the beginning. Some days I already feel like I'm tearing my hair out. If I'd followed my initial intentions, I'm sure i'd be silently rocking in a corner somewhere... Long live disposables and Pingu on DVD!

  9. During my pregnancy I had already decided that I was not going to rock, walk or bounce my baby to sleep.  I decided that he was not going to sleep in my bed and I decided that he was never going to use a pacifier or watch television.  I found he actually *slept* when walked, bounced or rocked.  The pacifier helps him settle.  He doesn't wake too much if he sleeps in my bed and he *likes* watching Show Me Show Me!  He's 10 months old.  He's only a baby - I figure we'll work on things as and when we need to...

  10. haha, right on sista!

    now answer your phone, we have a date with wine ;) 

  11. I think we all make sweeping statements about the type of parents we want to be while pregnant, but realistically it's amazing how things change when the reality of actually have a little person in your life takes place. We put too much pressure on ourselves to be "perfect" but really as ling as our children are loved, fed, clean and happy well we have done well I think!
    Great pst xx

  12. ha ha, hee hee, so so true. Problem is I still pretend to be uber-mum and don't admit that all these things happen! (well apart from the work one, that's hard to deny, particularly to the people who share an office with me)  :)

  13. Hi nice to meet you, Jody here. Love all your parenting whatsist (sp?). Completely agree about everything. Feel quite embarrassed how virulent I would get over dummies, but now I really couldn't give a toss. Now to solve world peace...

  14. Hi, Nice to see you here Jody.

    Indeed it all changes doesn't it! i used to preach all kinds of parental advice in my job and now I'm 'whatever works for you'